Reviews about Depanten

  • Kiki
    When I had an ankle injury, the doctors told me it would take a long time to treat. But I was lucky enough to buy Depanten and in the first week my ankle recovered, the pain went away, I walk normally, I was discharged. Our whole family now uses it: it helps against back and joint pain.
  • Intan
    Depanten helped me a lot with my post workout knee injury. My knee was swollen, it hurt a lot, I could hardly move my leg. Thanks to Depanten's help, I returned to work after 4 days and was able to walk from the first day of its use.
  • Agus
    I had very severe back pain, osteochondrosis ruined my life, which is very common at my age. My wife found Depanten on the internet. That was my salvation: I used to be doubled over and could hardly move, but now I'm fine. And the most important thing: back pain is gone.
  • Mitra
    The joints in my elbows and wrists started hurting during pregnancy and didn't stop after the birth. It is impossible to live with a small child and aching hands! Any mom will tell you. I tried different ways but nothing helped. I found Depanten and after 3 weeks I can safely do all the housework. I am happy!
  • Siska
    Osteochondrosis was diagnosed in high school. I've been scared ever since. I can't help the terrible pain - only those who have endured will understand. I tried all sorts of folk methods, later I found out about the Depanten gel from friends and decided to buy it. I've been using it for 2 months now and I don't know the pain in the joints.
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